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Physicians throughout time have analyzed, compared, and puzzled over the male and female reproductive organs. Were men and women different? Were they different in degree or in kind? From antiquity through the Renaissance, most physicians portrayed the female and male reproductive organs as counterparts of each other and wrote of homologous anatomical structures. Female genital organs were often explained as "lesser" male organs due to differences in size, complexion and orientation. Words such as testes applied to both male and female reproductive parts, since it was believed that both produce substance by similar means that contributed to generation.
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Basic Information About Cervical Cancer

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Basic Information About Cervical Cancer | CDC

Cancer is a disease in which cells in the body grow out of control. Cancer is always named for the part of the body where it starts, even if it spreads to other body parts later. When cancer starts in the cervix, it is called cervical cancer. The cervix connects the vagina birth canal to the upper part of the uterus. The uterus or womb is where a baby grows when a woman is pregnant.
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Women private parts - stock pictures and photos

Vaginal health affects more than just your sex life. Find out about common vaginal problems and ways to promote a healthy vagina. Vaginal health is an important part of a woman's overall health. Vaginal problems can affect your fertility, desire for sex and ability to reach orgasm. Ongoing vaginal health issues can also cause stress or relationship problems and impact your self-confidence.
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An intimate part , personal part or private part is a place on the human body which is customarily kept covered by clothing in public venues and conventional settings, as a matter of fashion and cultural norms. In several cultures, revealing these parts is seen as a religious offence. Definitions vary, but usually they are primarily the parts involved in sexual arousal , procreation , and elimination of excreta and related matter, including:. The term intimate parts may be construed to mean only the external body parts that are visible when naked , rather than the body parts more commonly referred to.
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